Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Saigon Maths Competion

Senior Saigon Maths Competion, Saturday 16th November held at ISHCMC

Although maths and Saturday morning seem incompatible, when we compound the combination with trustworthy friends; thrilling competition with representatives from other prominent schools in Ho Chi Minh City, such as ISHCMC, ABC, AIS, and TAS and engaging opportunities to practise our lateral thinking skills our Saturday morning was amazing. Not only was the challenge entertaining, with over fouridiosyncratic rounds, including an individual round, a pass-back round, a team-crossword round and a    relay round, but also was an indispensable opportunity for us to achieve impressive feats for our university applications. Fortunately, we were each able to place in top 3 for 3 of the 4 rounds and able to place 3rd overall, losing only to ISHCMC. Furthermore, considering the fact that we were the only school with one team participating in the competition, I think that we came out of it perfectly. 

Written by Seung Ho Oh Year 13


Intermediate Saigon Maths Competition, Saturday 16th November held at AIS

On the 16th November 2013, eight talented, ambitious mathematicians from BIS took part in the Saigon Maths Challenge. They were divided into two teams, Team A being comprised of Ngoc Vo, Chan Wook Kwak, Jun Won Hwang and Nathaniel Vo, and Team B consisting of Carl Chua, Raffy Torres, Seo Young Jung and Steve Ko. The grueling, formidable Individual Round signaled the start of the day, forcing each member of the BIS team to solve a series of 25 laborious, demanding problems. Those challenges, however, were overcome by the all-out efforts of the team, with Chan Wook seizing 2nd place with 21 points. The team had no time to rest as the Pass-it-Back Round and the Cross Number Round were      coming up, and everyone knew they had to give their best no matter what. And they did. BIS A won 2nd in the Pass-it-Back round, and BIS B grabbed 3rd place in the Cross Number challenge. The grand finale of the day took the form of the Relay Round. BIS once again proved worthy of facing any problems it was struck with, with Team B emerging triumphantly with a 3rd place in this round. Although both BIS teams just barely missed placing in the Top 3, each member of the team walked with their heads held high and beaming smiles on their faces for a job well done.

Written by Raffy Torres Year 10