Friday, 4 October 2013

Great IB Challenge 2013

From: Christine Donald
Sent: 03 October 2013
To: Shaun Williams - CEO & Principal; Richard Dyer - APS HOC

Subject: BIS at Strathclyde University

Dear Mr Williams and Mr Dyer,

I am writing – somewhat belatedly- to say how much we enjoyed the visit of Max Rudert and Karvin Dassanayake earlier this summer. We ran a challenge in IB schools internationally and this team from BIS won against some fierce competition.
Max and Karvin were delightful guests: their behaviour was exemplary; they participated with enthusiasm in all the activities and they interacted well with staff and students.  They are certainly a great credit to your school.

Again thanks to BIS  for participating in the Great IB Challenge!

With very kind regards

Christine Donald
International Recruitment Advisor
Faculty of Engineering
Royal College Building
204 George Street
Glasgow G1 1XW

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