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BIS International Day 2013

International Day took place on Friday 18th October to celebrate the 52 nationalities we have represented here at BIS.  The Parade of Nations started with student representatives bearing their respective country’s flag and banner onto the stage and greeting the audience in their native language.  This was followed by an inspiring introduction from the Head Teacher:

‘Today is a celebration, a celebration of the words at the top of our mission statement.  A chance to think about what global citizenship means.  Responsible stewardship of the planet is very important, and looking around the room it seems that the planet is in good hands.  You’ve got everything going for you. Find out a bit about each country in each classroom and ask questions.  Curiosity is the next step towards understanding the stories behind flags, costumes, food and language.  Communication is a key and this is a real chance to communicate, which often starts with just one word.’
‘Hello’, ‘Xin Chao’, ‘Bonjour’, ‘Ola’, and many more greetings from around the world.

All smiles at International Day BIS 2013
All smiles on International Day!
Walking around the classrooms which had been transformed into countries was a fascinating experience.  By asking each country representative the question what do they love about their country, we learned about amazing places to visit, traditional tasty foods and their unique customs.  An inspiring theme throughout was that everyone was proud of their country’s diversity and welcoming nature.

What do you love about your country?

Sri Lanka: ‘An island with all climate conditions; hot, cold, windy, stormy, dry and wet!  The people are very friendly; there is amazing scenery, wildlife and ancient ruins to explore.’

Philippines: ‘There are wonderful people in the Philippines, world class beaches, wonderful music and Christmas is very special.’

Korea: ‘We love the four seasons, the tradition, the food – particularly Dakganjeong, and Teju island is a beautiful place.’

Australia room at International Day BIS 2013
A very sunny welcome for visitors to the Australian room at International Day
Australia: ‘We love the fact that Australians are very laid back, down to earth and patriotic.  The sports, in particular football and rugby, are great here and people are very passionate about them; the amazing beaches, spectacular Sydney for the culture and entertainment and Melbourne for the food!’

South Africa: ‘There are many different cultures here, wonderful wildlife, beaches, oceans and mountains.  Cape Town and the game reserves are key destinations to visit.’

Poland: ‘The seasons, we didn’t think we would, but we miss the snow in winter! The Lake District is great for sailing, and we’re proud of our classical music heritage.  Pierogi dumplings (meat, cabbage, cheese, mushrooms) are recommended traditional food to try!’

Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania room at International Day BIS 2013
Parents hosting International Day in the Czech Republic, Poland and Lithuania room
Lithuania: ‘Many people here are very good at basketball and are of Olympic standard!  Lithuania is still an unspoilt country, friendly and welcoming with great natural beauty in the lakes and rivers.’

Canada: ‘Canada embraces diversity, making people from all over the world welcome to enjoy the rocky mountains, fresh air and Nanaimo bars.’

Canadian room at International Day BIS 2013
The Canadian room at International Day
Italy: ‘We love everything about Italy – the food, the people, the history.  A particularly lovely place to visit is San Gimignano in Tuscany.’

Czech Republic: ‘The landscapes here are wonderful.  We are also proud of our scientists and good culture.  A favourite time is Christmas time when we eat special fish and presents are brought during the night of 24th December each year by the Jesus child.’

New Zealand: ‘New Zealanders love clean, fresh, open spaces.  We love the natural beauty, beaches and mountains, sun, snow and the sea.  New Zealanders love to live a laid-back, low-key, Kiwi lifestyle but are passionate about our sport!’

Malaysian room at International Day BIS 2013
Teachers getting into the spirit of International Day in the Malaysian room
Malaysia: ‘"Malaysia truly Asia" !!!! What a great way to experience Asian culture from just visiting one country.’

India: ‘What we love about India is its rich culture with so many wonderful festivals.  India is colourful and filled with song and dance.’

Germany: ‘Even though we’ve been here for nineteen years Germany is our home, where diversity is present from the Alps to the sea.’

Switzerland: ‘Almost everything, although we particularly love Tichino which is a fun place.'

Singapore: ‘The food and the people, the young and vibrant atmosphere and the fact that as all young men serve in the military for two years. There is a strong sense of unity across the country.'

Singapore room at International Day BIS 2013
Highlighting national military service in the Singapore room at International Day
Thailand: ‘We’re famous for our food, we love the culture, the history, sea, sand and the fact that people love visiting – we have over 50 million visitors a year and half of those are returning visitors!'

United Kingdom: ‘UK culture has pervaded the entire world.  We’re a small nation but a great nation and we’ve had a particular influence on popular music which we’re really proud of.  We love the green, rolling hills, the beautiful coastlines and the fascinating history.’

United States: ‘The diversity of America - it’s a melting pot of all nationalities.’

Indonesia: ‘Everything except for the traffic! We love the culture, diversity and the people.  Amazing places include Bali and Sumatra.’

Ireland Room at International Day
Irish hospitality at International Day
Ireland: ‘There is a sense of cultural unity in Ireland, a rich heritage and beautiful surroundings.  We love the warmth of the people, and the positive welcome the Irish people receive around the world.’

Japan: ‘The food, the four seasons and the nature - that’s what we miss.  We recommend visiting Kyoto and Tokyo in particular, where there is amazing seafood and great skiing!'

Traditional Japanese dress at International Day BIS 2013
Showcasing traditional Japanese dress 'Yukatas' at International Day
China:With thousands of years of history, China is not only full of culture and traditions, but the difference in urban and rural life has led to a variety of scenery and cuisine.’ 

Hong Kong:  ‘Hong Kong   is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, it is a thriving and cosmopolitan city. From its earliest days as a British colony, Hong Kong served as a centre of international trade. Now, it has become an important gateway to the world’s largest market.’

Taiwan:Not only is the famous Taipei 101 located in Taiwan, but with four seasons, local delicacies (bubble tea, Chinese omelette) and diverse ethnic minorities, Taiwan is the place to visit!’

Netherlands:The seasons, family and the food.  There are the most beautiful places as well; we love the woods and cycling around the countryside.  Every province has its own speciality; in the North the fields of tulips are captivating.'

Belgium :We love the people, our wonderful fashion designers, chocolate and the delicious beers.  French fries originate from Belgium on the French border so we’re proud of those, we recommend Bruges as the most beautiful place to visit, as well as Brussels and Antwerp.'

Ecuador:The colours of the flag are yellow for the diversity in the country, blue for the sky and the sea, and red for the blood of those who fought for independence.  Ecuador really demonstrates the true 'colours' and life of nature. You can have breakfast on the beautiful beaches of the coast, eat lunch on the icy mountains of the high lands and consume dinner surrounded by life in the jungle! In Ecuador it will be hard not be able to have a unique experience full of excitement, relaxation, and culture, and remember "Ecuador ama la vida"'

Venezuela:   ‘Baseball is the most popular sport in the country.’

Mexico:Mexico introduced chocolate, corn, and chilies to the world.’

Russia: ‘We love Russia for its rich history and great victories, for its natural diversity, its fossil fuels, and for the strength of Russian people's character.’

Happy Faces at International Day BIS 2013
Happy faces at International Day
Vietnam: ‘Vietnamese calligraphy always makes a strong impression on foreigners. A great selection of food has been displayed and tasted. Our themes are always changed every season of International events and this year was called "Kites in the childhood" translated " Cánh diều tuổi thơ". We love VIETNAM’

Spain: ‘Spain is such a diverse country; with its white villages and flamenco in the south to the luscious green landscape in the north. The people love life to the full and use every opportunity to get together and celebrate with Spanish food such as tapas, paella and wine….’

International Day Culture Show BIS 2013
Wonderful traditional dances at the International Day culture show!
International Day Culture Show BIS 2013
Impressive modern dance performances at International Day!

The early afternoon was dedicated to a wonderful display of student talent, from singing and dancing to martial arts.  Performances included a song from the Philippines, a great dance routine from an eclectic group ‘The Beast’, an amazing rhythmic and acrobatic performance from dancers in traditional Vietnamese dress and an Indonesian dance with lavish traditional costumes.  We also had entertaining dance routines from Russia, Korea, Malaysia, India, Pakistan and a very professional hip hop performance.  The show finished with an incredible Taekwondo display!

International Day Culture Show BIS 2013
A breathtaking Taekwondo display at International Day
The day drew to a close with a wonderful fashion show exhibiting a wide range of traditional costumes and styles right through to modern day dress, reflecting our internationalism. Thank you to all of the parents, teachers and students who put a great deal of effort into what was the best International Day yet!

We are very proud that BIS is made up of students from so many fascinating nations, and we wanted to share with you what makes those nationalities special.

International Day Culture Show BIS 2013

International Day Culture Show BIS 2013

International Day Culture Show BIS 2013

International Day Culture Show BIS 2013

International Day Fashion Show BIS 2013

International Day Fashion Show BIS 2013

International Day Fashion Show BIS 2013

International Day Fashion Show BIS 2013

International Day Fashion Show BIS 2013

International Day Fashion Show BIS 2013

International Day Fashion Show BIS 2013
International Day Fashion Show BIS 2013

International Day Fashion Show BIS 2013

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